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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Buffalo Charge!!

Whilst Spear hunting with Tim Wells from Relentless Pursuit in Australia earlier this year, Lynn was charged at 6ft by a Bull Buffalo!
Only his quick reflexes and sharp shooting saved him from serious injury or even death!

More exciting footage from this hunt will be airing on Relentless Pursuit in the New Year.

1) Here we see Lynn using the cover of a termite mound to stalk close to the Buffalo

2) Lynn's spear is already in flight when the Buffalo turns and charges!

3) The Buffalo flicks his head up and catches the spear on his horn!

4) Lynn angles around the termite mound, drawing his Ruger Super Redhawk

5) Lynn continues to draw his revolver and move around the termite mound. At this point the Buffalo is inches away from him!

6) Lynn continues to angle away from the Buffalo, gaining ground as he draws and shoots his revolver double action. His first shot hits the Buffalo in the spine and drops him at Lynn's feet!

7) Lynn continues to fire his Super Redhawk. From the spear throw to the fatal shot on the Buffalo, the entire experience takes a mere 2.5 seconds!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hunt Diary #4

August 31st

We spent the early morning having fun and getting some practise throwing Boomerangs and Spears

I took some time to get some more training in with my Mathews “Monster” Bow and to adjust my sights.
I made a promise to myself to set my Bow up with peep sites and a mechanical release when I get back. Shooting single pin and with fingers is incredibly tough in the field.

Another beautiful day. We spotted a big Boar and I shot him through the spine as he was running flat out at 45 metres with my Ruger Super Redhawk 454.

Later in the day I took three Buffalo with my Hyem 500 nitro. One with a cool head shot that I hope we caught on camera.

We spent some time stalking Buffalo through some dry and noisy leaves. Great training and a good test of your patience. We got close and I prepared to shoot with my bow but we got busted at the last second and they bolted.

We stopped on the way back to camp where a tree had fallen across our path. It was 8 inches thick and very hard and dry. A great opportunity for a little field testing. I never miss a chance to test my products out here!
I chopped it in half with my Special Forces Shovel! It took no time at all.
Very pleased.

September 1st

We spent the morning fishing in the lake.
I hooked two Saratoga and 5 Barramundi. Peter did an excellent job demonstrating filleting them on film.
We had planned to spear fish with some of the local Aboriginal fishermen but they didn't show up.
While waiting I scavenged for wood to make clubs and spears. I'm always looking for new ways to practise my survival skills and to make improvised weapons for hunting or self defense. I made several wooden spears and another tipped with a Bowie Bushman. All were very effective and functional.
Lots of fun.

This afternoon Buck shot and killed Big Buffalo with his bow at 25 yards. It was an awesome shot and it looked really good on film!

September 2nd

We travelled out to an Aboriginal village and talked to the head ranger. We arranged to go spear fishing with some local fishermen later today.
We spent some time throwing the Cold Steel Boomerang. My furthest throw was 70 yards. Pete managed an awesome 106 yards. Good fun.

We went spear fishing in the afternoon. We used saplings tipped with traditional fish-spear heads.
It was incredibly hot and humid. We all slipped and clambered around those steep and muddy river banks in the miserable heat and none of us (the locals included) managed to catch any fish.
Finally Pete managed to spear a small Archer Fish. Our only catch of the morning.

We crossed the lake and stalked a mob of pigs. We stirred up several large Boar and I shot two in quick succession with my Hyem 500 nitro (one at a respectable 65 yards and another at 90 yards, breaking his spine as he ran flat out!). Buck said that second shot was the best rifle shot he'd seen in all of his 30 years of hunting!
That evening it had cooled down and we tried spear fishing again. I managed to catch one Gar Fish. I speared five more during the night but they all wriggled free of the spear head.

We had a lot of fun fishing and talking till late into the night.
It's a pleasure hunting with Buck and Tim.

A great experience!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hunt Diary #3

August 27th

Another beautiful day.
We stalked a Bull Buffalo for quite some time. I got pretty close and threw my Samburu spear. He turned and caught the spear in his horn, snapping it in half!!
I think we caught that on camera. I hope so, because it looked awesome!

We moved on and stalked 2 mobs of pigs in a creek.
One young pig bolted and I threw my spear as he was running flat out. The Samburu punched clear through his lungs. He fell and died about 15 yards away.
We field dressed him and gave the meat to our friends.

Later in the day we came across a huge Bull Buffalo. Peter (my professional hunter) thought he would be well over 104” (which is a Safari Club Gold Medal). We stalked him for a while and I drew my 454 and shot him through the heart twice to drop him almost immediately.
Peter was really impressed with the stopping power of my Ruger Super Redhawk and the Hornady ammo. He said each shot looked like a hit from a 375 H&H rifle!
That huge buffalo weighed approximately 1900lbs!

August 28th

We set out at first light.
I stalked a young bull and got within 12 yards of him. I threw my spear but just missed him.
I then realized I still had my 454 in the holster and not in my left hand where I could get at it quick! I'm glad he chose not to charge!
I've been training intensively for the last 6 weeks for just this eventuality. Transitioning from a spear to a revolver and firing under pressure. I've also been doing intensive holster draw training for over a year. It's already paid off more than once on this trip but it's still an incredibly tense experience.
From now on (whenever possible) I'm going to try to have my revolver in my left hand when I throw the spear. It could buy me the extra fraction of a second that I need.

Later in the day I shot a wild dog at 49 yards. A great instantaneous kill, shooting offhand with iron sights. Those big XS sites are a huge help.

Tim Wells killed an enormous Buffalo with a Samburu Spear. He hit him behind the shoulder and got adequate penetration.
He said he should have thrown much harder (and ideally would have done so to guarantee puncturing through those tough ribs).
He got the throw on spear cam and it looks really cool!
Tim is a very brave, skilled and patient hunter and it's a pleasure to be hunting with him on this trip.

August 29th

Today we walked our butts off!!
We walked for 4 hours this morning under the hot sun and another 3 hours this afternoon. We trekked through those dusty and dry creek beds. It was tough.
I speared a big lizard at 6 yards with a Samburu at the request of some of the locals. They cooked and ate it right there.
We went back to camp and Tim cooked up a Buffalo pot roast with gravy. Tim is a surprisingly good cook

August 30th

We set off incredibly early. Crossed the lake in a boat and enjoyed the scenery before heading into a flood plain for the morning hunt.
We saw a mob of Buffalo under some trees.
I grabbed my Hyem 500 nitro and got all of them!
My furthest shot was on a bull running flat out at 110yards. I shot him in the side and clear out the chest.
All of them were very fast, clean kills (on camera).
We field dressed the youngest bull, taking the top straps, ribs and hams to eat that evening.

Later in the day we saw another cow buffalo. I felled her in one shot with the Hyem.
That makes 7 buffalo today.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hunt Diary #2

August 25th
Another beautiful day. We crossed the river in a boat and saw a huge boar but too late to take a shot.
Once across the river we quickly came across a large bull buffalo. We stalked him for four or five hours. We climbed down into the bottom of a dry creek bed and slowly got within about ten yards from him. He must've heard us and he turned and came charging in real fast! We had nowhere to go at the bottom of that creek. I threw my spear at that awkward upwards angle and it fell just short! Luckily it spooked him and he ran off. That was a close call.

We walked for about five hours after that, through areas that had recently burned, now green with new vegetation.
We tried to stalk a big bull that was half submerged in a creek bed. As quiet as we were the swirling wind around those creeks made it almost impossible to get near him without him getting the scent.
We moved off and tried several more stalks on different buffalo as they cooled off in the water, but we got busted every time. That wind was against us.
Far from being frustrating it was a really cool experience and a great test of our stalking skills.

Tim Wells stalked and killed a huge buffalo with a spear. He had a spear-cam (a miniature camera attached to his Samburu spear) and the footage looked awesome!

August 26th
We awoke to a very chill foggy morning.
It's tough to see in front of you, let alone stalk an animal!
We cautiously followed a young bull through a creek bed and into the forest. We followed him for what felt like an eternity before I managed to get close to him on the other side of a large termite mound. I threw my Samburu spear at about 5 yards and he turned as it flew through the air! The spear stuck fast in his horn! The next thing I knew he charged!!
He came rushing towards me with that spear sticking out of his horn and I moved to my right, spun and drew my Ruger 454. I shot him in the head double action at 6 feet! My first shot spined him but I fired again and again.
Those Hornady XTP bullets (travelling at 1600 feet per second) hit him hard.
He fell and died 4 feet from me.
I don't even remember firing the first two shots. I must give credit to those XS sites on my revolver. I was able to throw up that gun, aim and take a shot in a fraction of a second.
That was close!

We moved on in the afternoon, my hand still hurting from firing that Ruger without a glove earlier in the day. We stalked a boar at a waterhole. He was covered in mud. I got ready to throw my Samburu but he bolted. I quickly drew my pistol and fired double action as he ran. My first shot broke his front leg, the second broke his back leg and the third spined him.
He was a huge beautiful boar. I was really pleased.
We stalked two more boar but got busted both times. As the light faded we made our way back to camp.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hunt Diary #1

Lynn has just returned from an exciting and intense hunt in Australia with the guys from Relentless Pursuit. This is the first of a series of blog posts featuring excerpts from Lynn's hunt diary.

I set off from LAX at 10:30 am on August 20th and arrived (after 3 long flights) at 7:30 am on the 23rd! One heck of a journey!!
We had no problems or delays at customs despite each having 3 bags at the maximum 70lbs and all of our hunt gear.

As soon as we arrived I began archery training with Buck and Tim.

On this trip I'll be using a Monster [Mathews Bow] with a 70lb draw, PSE Arrows and Rage Broad Heads as well as a few different spears (Cold Steel Samburu and Boar Spear) and my ever faithful Ruger Super Redhawk 454 (with Hornady 300 grain XTP ammo).
I'll also be field testing a wide range of Cold Steel products (including several new prototypes).

We started out at 7:30 am on the 24th, and stalked an old bull buffalo. We were forced to freeze several times for a miserably long time. We managed to get about 20 yards from him but I decided that it just wasn't close enough to guarantee a clean kill with my Spear. We moved on.
Not long afterwards we saw a real big pig. I went for my bow but he saw us and bolted, stirring up a whole load of boar that were hiding in the undergrowth. I can't believe I left my 454 in the truck!
I won't make that mistake again. From now on, it's staying by my side.

We stalked another huge bull for a long time. I took a shot with my bow at around 45 yards and missed him.
We moved on and soon spotted another big bull. We stalked him again for some time (my Kettlebell training with Doug is proving invaluable, not only for my strength and stamina while walking, climbing, throwing and shooting but also in helping me to freeze and stay incredibly still without tiring). I got within 22 yards of the buffalo and took a shot with my bow. It went a little higher than I'd hoped but I still managed a double lung shot. He ran, bled out and died about 150 yards away.

A couple of hours later and we stalked another bull. I took a single shot at 50 yards with my 454 and got a clean kill.
We spent a few more hours walking and enjoying the beautiful country. We spotted a lot of dingos and saw one more big bull buffalo just at the end of the day.
We stalked him and I threw my Samburu but it fell short. The light was fading fast so we called it quits for the day.

What an exhilarating first day. Lots of awesome hunting opportunities and beautiful wildlife in this great country.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow!!

- Lynn

Thursday, September 15, 2011

John Farnam talks about Never Unarmed

We spoke to world-renowned firearms expert John Farnam about our new DVD, Never Unarmed

John Farnam, a Police Officer and decorated Vietnam veteran, is one of the top defensive firearms instructors in the nation.
A Senior Board member of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network and author of dozens of magazine articles and numerous books, he has personally trained thousands of federal, state and local law enforcement agency personnel, private security agencies, and hundred of civilians in safe gun handling and the tactical use of the defensive firearms.
In June of 1996, he was selected by his peers to receive the renowned "Tactical Advocate of the Year" award from the National Tactical Association.
In April of 2009, he was inducted into Black Belt Magazine’s “Living Legends”
His books, The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgunning, The Farnam Method of Defensive Rifle and Shotgun Shooting and Guns and Warriors Volume One have become the standard texts on the subjects.
For more info about John, visit:

I sat and watched the whole of Never Unarmed. It's a massive series! It took me about a week! (laughs) I really enjoyed it!

I know not everyone is going to love it, there's some really controversial stuff in there but I liked it a lot.
I like Lynn's passion for what he does.
I was really interested in the “walking the rounds into the target” section [NB: this technique is taught in several sections including service pistols]. I'm not sure where Lynn got this from but it made me think.
It might not sit well with some people, it's controversial to say the least – but he makes a really good point! I'm looking forward to exploring this in my own training.

Lynn is a good friend of mine and I've already learned so much from him regarding the use of knives and tomahawks. With Never Unarmed he makes some truly excellent points and he talks about things I just had never considered. For example I don't even own an airgun, but after watching these DVDs I'm really thinking about them a lot.
Never Unarmed is all about finding a way to win when things look bleak and I can really get behind that way of thinking. I like it!

This DVD series has inspired me and informed my own training. After watching it, I said to myself “I need to share this with my students”.
Not only does Lynn make the best products in the world but he is a truly original thinker. He's not afraid to try new things, to experiment and learn. He's willing to take all the risks!
People talk about doing things, but Lynn just does them! He is a modern American hero!
Lynn is a really inspiring guy. I'm a lifelong customer, but I also consider myself a student.
I'll be sharing Never Unarmed with all my friends.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Western Sword Training at Cold Steel