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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It is with great disappointment that we have chosen to temporarily remove our GLOCK video from Youtube.

As you are probably aware, I am a very vocal GLOCK fan, I love their products and recommend them to all of our staff, fans, friends and customers.

Upon the recent release of our much anticipated 6 Disc DVD Never Unarmed, we decided to upload a short highlight reel of all the GLOCK footage from our DVD, just to show people how much we love and enjoy their products.
This 24 minute highlight reel comprised simply of all the bits (from over 18 hours of footage) that featured GLOCK products.
It did not represent the DVD as a whole and did not feature complete instructional segments – it just showed any and all the footage featuring GLOCKs.

It was therefore a surprise to us when individuals began to take us to task on our teaching methods and techniques as represented in these non-sequential and out of context clips.

Never Unarmed took 2 ½ years to film (with well over 180 hours of footage captured and condensed to these 6 discs). It features a wide range of ideas and demonstrations with a large selection of firearms and showcases how we train at Cold Steel.
Several of the techniques shown are scenario and situation specific and it appears by showing them out of context in our GLOCK highlight reel we have caused some confusion.
We did not anticipate this, this highlight reel was intended only to showcase our appreciation and admiration for GLOCK products.
We are happy to say that it was only a small (but vocal) minority that misinterpreted these clips as stand-alone instructional content.
It seemed ridiculous to us that people could judge a 6 Disc series on footage contained within 24 minutes of out of context material, but giving the confusion that it caused we have chosen to remove the video.

We urge our friends, viewers and fans to take the time to view the DVD series in it's entirety and see the footage in context.
Some of our training is of course scenario-specific and much of it may be considered controversial; but here at Cold Steel we always train for the worst and try to have as many tools in our toolbox as possible.

We think that you will find the Never Unarmed series entertaining and informative, and hopefully it will change the way you look at firearms and inform or inspire your personal training.

Thank you

Lynn C Thompson

Monday, July 11, 2011

An interview with Doug Nepodal

Kettlebells have improved the way I train - it's that simple.
Whether shooting or throwing spears, stand-up fighting or grappling, I have improved beyond measure by training with Doug.