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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hunt Diary #2

August 25th
Another beautiful day. We crossed the river in a boat and saw a huge boar but too late to take a shot.
Once across the river we quickly came across a large bull buffalo. We stalked him for four or five hours. We climbed down into the bottom of a dry creek bed and slowly got within about ten yards from him. He must've heard us and he turned and came charging in real fast! We had nowhere to go at the bottom of that creek. I threw my spear at that awkward upwards angle and it fell just short! Luckily it spooked him and he ran off. That was a close call.

We walked for about five hours after that, through areas that had recently burned, now green with new vegetation.
We tried to stalk a big bull that was half submerged in a creek bed. As quiet as we were the swirling wind around those creeks made it almost impossible to get near him without him getting the scent.
We moved off and tried several more stalks on different buffalo as they cooled off in the water, but we got busted every time. That wind was against us.
Far from being frustrating it was a really cool experience and a great test of our stalking skills.

Tim Wells stalked and killed a huge buffalo with a spear. He had a spear-cam (a miniature camera attached to his Samburu spear) and the footage looked awesome!

August 26th
We awoke to a very chill foggy morning.
It's tough to see in front of you, let alone stalk an animal!
We cautiously followed a young bull through a creek bed and into the forest. We followed him for what felt like an eternity before I managed to get close to him on the other side of a large termite mound. I threw my Samburu spear at about 5 yards and he turned as it flew through the air! The spear stuck fast in his horn! The next thing I knew he charged!!
He came rushing towards me with that spear sticking out of his horn and I moved to my right, spun and drew my Ruger 454. I shot him in the head double action at 6 feet! My first shot spined him but I fired again and again.
Those Hornady XTP bullets (travelling at 1600 feet per second) hit him hard.
He fell and died 4 feet from me.
I don't even remember firing the first two shots. I must give credit to those XS sites on my revolver. I was able to throw up that gun, aim and take a shot in a fraction of a second.
That was close!

We moved on in the afternoon, my hand still hurting from firing that Ruger without a glove earlier in the day. We stalked a boar at a waterhole. He was covered in mud. I got ready to throw my Samburu but he bolted. I quickly drew my pistol and fired double action as he ran. My first shot broke his front leg, the second broke his back leg and the third spined him.
He was a huge beautiful boar. I was really pleased.
We stalked two more boar but got busted both times. As the light faded we made our way back to camp.


At September 26, 2011 at 12:38 PM , Blogger The ProAm Kitchen said...

Sounds like a great hunt! Hope that meat is going to good use. God bless and stay safe.
-Aaron Oeth

At October 13, 2011 at 6:18 AM , Blogger gbw1973 said...

Sounds like a great trip!


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