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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

IWA, Germany 2011

Cold Steel recently visited the IWA & Outdoor Classics show in Nuremberg, Germany.
We attend every year, and always look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones in this amazing city.

We had our full product line on display (including never-before-seen prototypes) and a first time screening of footage from Lynn's new DVD Never Unarmed.

Lynn, Luke and Ron performed over 20 live demonstrations every day showing how to fight with a multitude of weapons. They even took requests - teaching people more about our Espadas, Axe Gang Hatchets, Tomahawks and Special Forces Shovels as well as doing demos with Rapiers, Small Swords, Katanas and Bowie Knives (amongst others) in front of the appreciative crowds.

IWA is an incredible event, with exhibitors from the world of knives, sporting guns, optics and ammunition as well as representatives from law enforcement, special forces and security sectors. The Cold Steel staff were in their element, and really enjoyed visiting all of the booths and meeting like-minded people.

On the last day, Lynn took time out from the Cold Steel booth and doing live weapons demos to meet friends, explore IWA and check out some cool guns:

Lynn with Thomas Wolkmann and Bernhard Helbig of HEYM.
Lynn owns several HEYM rifles (his latest purchase was a made to measure 500 nitro double, bought at Safari Club last year).
Lynn plans to hunt with his new rifle in Australia later this year.
HEYM are featured in Lynn's new DVD Never Unarmed.

Lynn with Klaus Ripperger of BRENNEKE.
BRENNEKE make Lynn's favourite slugs, he's shot thousands of them over the years. Lynn hopes to use BRENNEKE slugs to hunt Asian Buffalo this summer.

Lynn with his good friend Robert “Bob” Baker of FREEDOM ARMS.
Lynn is a huge supporter of FREEDOM ARMS, and owns many of their pistols.
FREEDOM ARMS feature heavily in Never Unarmed

Lynn with a SMITH & WESSON 10 Round, Model 41 .22 Long Rifle
Lynn would love this gun. It might be a new purchase in the future.

Lynn with a 7 Round, SMITH & WESSON 357 Magnum.
Lynn owns a similar Mountain Revolver and uses it a lot when practising on the Cold Steel Shooting Range.
Lynn likes this model so much he intends to buy several in the near future.

Lynn really liked this 5 Round SMITH & WESSON Model 649 .357 Magnum.
The grip was superb and it fit Lynn's hand like a glove.

Lynn with Ken Jorgensen of RUGER

Lynn with his good friend, custom knife maker Fred Perrin

Lynn with Josy a French Bulldog.

Josy and her owners (Audrea and Oliver Hutzelmeier) and their friend Thomas Bernet came to the Cold Steel booth to watch Lynn and Ron demo Bowie Knife fighting.
Josy loved the knife fighting and barked all the way through the demo!

Lynn with Brutus, a 4yr old Jagd Terrier
Lynn loves Jagd Terriers, he believes that these tenacious little guys are pound for pound the most resiliant and spirited hunting dogs in the world.

Tools of the Trade
Just another day in the office for Cold Steel, where business meetings and martial training go hand in hand.

We had an amazing time at IWA and we are already looking forward to next year!


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