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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Story Behind The Axe

Lynn is a big fan of Martial Arts movies and has always enjoyed seeing Chinese hatchets being used in Kung Fu films.
The “Axe Gang” have appeared in numerous films over the years, but are probably best remembered from the Stephen Chow classic Kung Fu Hustle

Lynn has been collecting Chinese hatchets for many years and has enjoyed hunting down many variations in size, shape and design.
These hatchets are never mass-produced and each one has it's own nuances in balance and heft.
Lynn worked hard to develop a prototype that took inspiration from the many hatchets in his collection while adding a few of his own unique twists to the designs to make a hatchet truly worthy of the Cold Steel brand.

A multitude of prototypes were made in a variety of materials as Lynn strove to reduce the weight of the hatchet (to a mere 2lbs!) while refining the blade geometry to create an axe head that culminates in two wickedly sharp points - allowing the wielder to strike, stab, gouge and hook with both the top and the bottom of the edge.
A tough hickory handle was produced to make the perfect hard-wearing accompaniment to our new axe head before the new prototype was field tested in Australia.
Lynn was greatly impressed with the new hatchet, as he not only chopped down trees and heavy branches, but was able to shatter the skull of a large bull Buffalo with a single swing!

Lynn has trained extensively with the new Axe Gang Hatchet, sparring not only with one axe, but double-handed with two. He also supplemented the axe with an additional stabbing weapon (a Laredo Bowie or a Shanghai Shadow for two handed training.

Lynn enjoyed sparring with the Axe Gang Hatchet so much that he added a training version of the axe to our 2011 line-up, allowing our customers to train with a less dangerous alternative than the ferociously sharp original.

We are proud to announce the Axe Gang Hatchet and it's training counterpart to our 2011 line up.

Lynn has big plans for his Axe Gang Hatchet and will be releasing more exciting information, photos and video clips in the near future.

Visit our website for more news of our fantastic 2011 line up.


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