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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Story Behind the Boar Hunter

A lot of our customers are hunters, and many of them hunt boar or wild pigs.
These brave individuals have often asked to know more about the origins of our very own Cold Steel Boar Hunter.

Lynn has been collecting all types of knives from around the world for over 20 years.
He often collects knives that serve a specific purpose or perform a certain function and he looks for ways to adapt and improve upon their original role in new and interesting ways.
The evolution of the Boar Hunter is a good example of this process.

Lynn had been looking at the stabbing potential of several knives from different cultures around the world (including knives from Celtic and Chinese origins amongst others) when he hit upon the idea for what would become our “Boar Hunter”.
Each of the knives Lynn had selected had it's own unique characteristics and strong-suits, but the majority of them lacked something that Lynn insists upon - a quality cutting edge.
By adding a hollow grind (running all the way from the tip to the base of the knife), Lynn was able to make a wickedly sharp edge without sacrificing point strength or stabbing potential.
It was then that he knew he had hit on something special.

Lynn took the prototype on his next hunting trip to Australia and whilst there, used it to dispatch several large boar.
Pleased with the results, Lynn returned to the USA and began improving upon the design.
He knew he had made a fiendishly sharp and highly penetrative blade that was nigh-on perfect for hunting wild boar – and all he needed now was the perfect handle to accompany it.
After numerous tests using existing Cold Steel handles, the prototype's long, wide blade was combined with the handle from our OSS – a strong, sturdy handle that was ergonomically designed to aid the grip while thrusting.

The newest incarnation of the prototype performed remarkably well in further hunting expeditions. The wide Celtic Style blade cut beautifully and the long slanted tip seemed to naturally feed itself forwards into the thrust.
The hollow grind proved essential to the process, offering next to no resistance, sliding effortlessly into the biggest and meanest boar.
The OSS handle's integral double guard and sub-hilt stopped the hand from sliding up the blade and the Kraton handle performed admirably regardless of weather conditions, giving a secure and extremely comfortable grip.
The razor sharp edge of the newly dubbed “Boar Hunter” also enabled Lynn to field dress and dismember boar with exceptional ease.

Therefore, it was with great pride that Lynn introduced the Boar Hunter to our Hunting and Outdoor range.

See for yourself the awesome cutting and stabbing power of the Boar Hunter:

For definitive proof of the incredible grip offered by the OSS handle (as used on the Boar Hunter), watch the end of the following clip:

Visit our website to find out more about our Boar Hunter and other Hunting and Outdoor Knives.


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